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A little bit About me

Let’s work for people, not for special interests

Profile Overview

Councillor candidate Albert Saba is a resident of Ward 7 and graduate of Université Laval. As Citizen, community advocate, volunteer and father, he will work tirelessly to bring people together to get things done for Windsor residents.

Councillor candidate Albert Saba was born and raised in Burundi, Africa. He received a Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) in Electromechanical Engineering, in 1995, and graduated from St Clair College in 2011.

Councillor candidate Albert Saba earned his MBA from Université Laval in Quebec, in 2015, specializing in electronic business and strategic planning.

Since the time he immigrated to Canada, he entered into public service as a community volunteer within settlement organizations in Windsor. He has served as a board member, public relations’ officer, vice-president and president of community organizations for the last nine years (2009-2018) and he took on many leadership roles serving on and chairing a variety of committees.

As an employment counsellor, he collects labour market information and conducts outreach to clients, employers and the community. He always assists job seekers, small and medium-sized businesses in achieving employment goals by providing individual counselling.

As a college professor, he answers tough questions, provides guidance and needed support to the students and the community while sharing information on local labour market and employment opportunities.

As answers are hard to come with the current City Council, he will change that dynamic as he will lead an open and transparent city councillor’ s role.

Albert Saba

A little story

Democracy is something that no one should take for granted. Today, I have the opportunity to participate in determining the destiny of our community and our city.

I am taking more interest in public affairs, particularly those at the local level and I am actively seeking to get involved with our city council to address issues that concern our city and community.

My abilities

I will work to enhance our community while keeping lower taxes since I too am a taxpayer. Always keeping an open mind as to wants and needs of residents as this is how we learn and grow into a great community.

As a community organizer and employment counsellor, listening to people and making sure I understand their issues have been an everyday behaviour. Participation in community’ events is always a great way to connect and interact with constituents.

Once elected as your City Councillor, I will make sure there will be always a:

• Representation of ratepayers and residents’ interests;
• Provision of community leadership and guidance; and
• Facilitation of communication between the community and the Council.

• Fluently bi-lingual and ability to address and present issues in the two official languages;
• Ability to examine a large volume of data, find trends in it and make recommendations;
• Effective communicator who can explain the patterns you see in the data;
• Accustomed to doing social analysis and financial analysis;
• Ability to read between the lines to pick up vested interests;
• Broad understanding of the local, regional, provincial, national and international context.

• Attendance of local organisations’ meetings and events;
• Awareness of the needs and wishes of the community as a whole;
• Participation in a range of local activities;
• Available to discuss individual concerns;
• Preparation to initiate change and bring to the Council ideas and activities as community needs change and evolve; and
• Abreast of matters affecting the whole city (Windsor) area as I will have to vote on all issues before Council.

Apart from general attributes, there are people skills that have been demonstrated throughout my work:

• Commitments made are commitments kept;
• Very interested in my local community and WARD 7;
• Strong commitment to the well-being of my WARD 7;
• Willingness and ability to represent the whole community when debating issues in Council and not being blinkered by special interests;
• Responsive to residents of my area including those whose cultural background is different from my own;
• A broad range of community connections and understanding; and
• Willingness to learn about the issues which are new to me and things with which I may be unfamiliar.

6 Point Platform

In WARD 7, WE are all connected in one piece: When there is a REPETITIVE FLOODING affecting HOMES; when cars, garages and homes’ BREAK-INS occur at the streets of BELLAGIO, CHATEAU, MONTICELLO, FLORENCE, WILDWOOD, BANWELL or FOREST GLADE areas; when ACCIDENTS occur on our STREETS because of OVER-SPEEDING as NO SPEED LIMIT SIGNS have been put up and NO LAW ENFORCEMENT is in place … ALL that makes me poor even when it is not my own child, my own home or my own car that is affected.


Residents have been frustrated by repeated flooding, in Ward 7 and other areas, that they’re even afraid to go away for a vacation.

Many residents of WARD 7 have lost the flooding insurance coverage for their homes. On election day, let’s stand up together and SAY “NO” TO REPEATED FLOODED BASEMENTS!

Once elected, I will support:
• Keeping in place the financial subsidy to install a sump pump with sump pump overflow and/or backwater valve(s) and/or disconnect foundation drains from the floor drain;
• Vulgarizing the information to the most affected areas that residents will be informed about the possibility and the opportunity;
• Subsidizing the disconnection of Downspouts wherever they still exist.

Whether the last flooding was caused by blocked drains or heavy rains, it is up to the City of Windsor to maintain the drains, the sewers (Storm and Sanitary) and make sure they are up to the capacity of the City’ s expansion.

Once elected, I will support and follow up for:
• Investments in Drains & Sewers capabilities.

Roads and means of transport make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth, and bring important social benefits.

Once elected, I will encourage and support:
• Constituents to report any pothole or other roads/sidewalk damages in order to get them repaired as soon as possible;
• Follow-up with the reports submitted and the repairs that will have been done.

Some roads like Jarvis Avenue (see the picture at the left top) have been neglected for a while and it is time to rebuild them. It looks trashy, affects property value and is not tolerated in other areas of the city. “No parking on the east curb has to be enforced.

Residents have expressed a wish to see some closed access to stop non-resident through traffic and ban any through traffic-heavy trucks/equipment.

Once elected, my pledge is to get:
• Jarvis Avenue, as well as other roads, constructed.
• Mill and apply a fresh topcoat of pavement until permanent local improvements can move ahead.


The ”BREAK-INS” that are happening in cars, garages and homes are unusual and can no longer be endured by WARD 7 residents.
Those who break-in know how hard and long it takes to law enforcement to show up whenever they are called for help.
I will stand and support to BRING BACK the POLICE STATION in FORST GLADE, LAUZON or at JEFFERSON.
With this in place, help from police will be available within minutes instead of the delays of hours and days we experience nowadays.


Road traffic injuries contribute substantially to the disease burden. We have some streets in residential areas that have no signs of speed limits, no bumps and no sidewalks.This should be noted and addressed for better prevention of incidents and accidents that would cost the community a lot.

I will stand and support to put SPEED LIMIT SIGNS everywhere they are needed to remind drivers about the speed limit, support and encourage the application of LAW ENFORCEMENT, and propose some SPEED BUMPS on particular streets.

The Windsor Public Transit system has issues that are summarized in longer commuting, long waiting time and lack of public transit between Windsor and Essex counties.

Our urban productivity is highly dependent on the efficiency of its transport system to move labor, consumers, and freight between multiple origins and destinations.

I pledge to challenge the situation and bring the city to address it by:
• Concentrating development around transit corridors, and make the walk to transit safe, easy, and pleasant;
• Concentrating transit improvements in walkable places with large numbers of residents and destinations;
• Paying special attention to increasing frequency and reducing transit travel time.

Unemployment and vulnerable forms of employment disproportionately affect youth and women. City governments not only have a role in creating economic opportunities for all, they furthermore, have a number of policy tools which enable them to fulfil this role.

Once elected, I will support the investment in new jobs’ creation by:
• Supporting education and training programmes that ensure workers have the skills and qualifications called for by employers;
• Stimulating growth and local economic development;
• Supporting the private sector as job creators, while making incentives and subsidies conditional upon results;
• Scrutinizing and designing public procurement so as to encourage local job creation;
• Reviewing regulations to improve their impact on employment;
• Supporting the funding of direct job creation programmes.

This will scarce funds spent on welfare, public safety and social services into increased tax revenues. The city will benefit from the innovations and development which young people and other marginalized groups are able to contribute.

Housing is one of the most fundamental of human needs. It is also a key driver shaping the economic and social sustainability of communities, a vehicle for social inclusion and an important component of growth.

Access to safe, affordable and adequate housing touches almost every aspect of a community’s well being and affects all of its

Municipalities possess a range of authority, responsibility and local expertise which provide them with a unique ability to take a leadership role in helping meet the need for affordable housing in their community.

Many communities, such as Brantford, Bruce County, Hamilton London, Ottawa and the county of Wellington, have developed affordable housing strategies that can assist other municipalities as they develop their own strategies to meet their local housing needs.

The city of Windsor can learn from them and apply the winning strategies.

Libraries are places for every member of the community and should be committed to providing accessible library services.

To succeed today, libraries must master many different roles–some traditionally associated with libraries, some not. Their new, multi-faceted missions must be supported with great design, strong amenities, and popular programs.

I will bring in the following strategies as a roadmap to the success of our great library:
• a great library offers a broad mix of community services;
• a great library fosters communication: Translation services, literacy programs, foreign language classes, English as a second language (ESL) tutors, and computer training;
• a great library showcases history and information;
• a great library builds capacity for local businesses;
• a great library become a public gathering place;
• a great library is designed to support function;
• a great library catalyzes community revitalization.

The personal, social and economic costs of poor mental health, much of which fall outside the health-care sector, have been well documented.

In Windsor and Essex County, there are individuals with complex special needs, according to local service agencies. https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/im-in-crisis-services-lacking-for-teens-with-complex-mental-health-issues

With the legalization of Marijuana, it is certain to expect the increased need for mental care as there is going to be a need for more police force.

The city of Windsor can be proactive by increasing the resources invested in these areas and I will advocate for that.

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