The personal, social and economic costs of poor mental health, much of which fall outside the health-care sector, have been well documented.

The Mental Health Profile of Windsor and Essex County indicates that there are at-risk populations in regards to mental health, work stress, and intentional self-harm.

With the legalization of Marijuana, it obvious to expect the increased need for mental health care. The recommendations made by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit’s report of the Mental Health Profile of the region are to be followed-up. Inputs from other stakeholders are to be given a high consideration as well.

The City of Windsor can be proactive by increasing the resources invested in these areas, and I will advocate for such initiatives.

Image from CBC News (Posted on June 06, 2018 … Phil Walter/Getty Images)


The issue of homelessness is front and centre for the region.

While I recognize important steps made by Windsor officials in reminding the public that there are options available for people who experiencing homelessness, there is still much to do. Chronic housing shortages contribute to homelessness. 

Once elected as your City Councillor, I will help to:

  • Create a Community-Wide Understanding of Homelessness. With a growing homeless population, the City has to generate a better understanding of exactly who those experiencing homelessness are;

  • Develop SMART Goals. Community leaders, from all walks, need to be aligned with specific numeric goals for the creation of appropriate housing solutions needed to house the varying homeless population segments. These goals must then be addressed through an agreed-upon, time-bound action plan to increase housing stock;

  • Assess and Map Available Resources. This will bring all stakeholders to the development of strategic public-private partnerships that can advance community involvement in programs such as those aiming to end, if possible, the homelessness issue in Windsor.

It all costs money, but it will save more!