Vue of Jarvis Ave with its potholes


In WARD 7, we have roads, like Jarvis Ave, Elinor StClairview Ave, Clover St, Menard St, John M St, Florence Ave, and Adelaide Ave that have been neglected for a while: It is time to rebuild them.

Soon, it will be very difficult to go at the mailbox
Clover St, northside of Wyandotte St. E.

They look trashy, affects property value and can not be tolerated in other areas of the city. “No parking“ on the curbs has to be enforced.

It becomes difficult to collect the mails
Elinor St, southside of Wyandotte St. E.

Residents have expressed a wish to see some access closed to stop traffic-through from non-residents, and ban any traffic-through of heavy trucks/equipment.

Potholes on Clover St
Clover St, northside of Wyandotte St. E
Potholes on Elinor St
Elinor St, northside of Wyandotte St. E

Once elected, my pledge is to work in order to get:

  • Jarvis Ave, Elinor StClairview Ave, Clover St, Menard St, John M St, Florence AveAdelaide Ave, and other roads constructed.

  • While waiting, Mill and apply fresh Topcoat of pavement until permanent local improvements can move ahead.


Roads and means of transport make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth and bring important social benefits.

Once elected, I will encourage and support:

  • Constituents to report any pothole or other roads/sidewalk damages in order to get them repaired as soon as possible;

  • Follow-up with the reports submitted and the repairs that will have been done.


In 2018, Windsor Engineer admitted that Windsor’s budget for Snow removal is lower than other municipalities because our weather and salt costs are lower. He added that City plows residential streets when there are, at least, 4-inches of snow during a snow storm.

While the current outsourcing of the garbage pick-up has been more cost-effective and saved the corporation a lot of money, there are some areas of  WARD 7 that are under-served, and this will have to be addressed.

Residents who live in Banwell and above Wildwood Dr areas have expressed concerns about the services’ delivery.

Unplowed snow, 4 days later, is shown on this picture in one of the above-mentioned area

Since we have an aging population that relies on public services, I pledge to bring up the case for the Snow Removals & Garbage Collections’ services to be reviewed.