In 2018, Windsor Engineer admitted that Windsor’s budget for Snow removal is lower than other municipalities because our weather and salt costs are lower. He added that City plows residential streets when there are, at least, 4-inches of snow during a snow storm.

While the current outsourcing of the garbage pick-up has been more cost-effective and saved the corporation a lot of money, there are some areas of  WARD 7 that are under-served, and this will have to be addressed.

Residents who live in Banwell area have expressed concerns about the Garbage Collection services’ delivery and those who live in the areas above Wildwood Dr have expressed concerns about Snow Removal services’ delivery.

Unplowed snow, for 4 days, in the above-mentioned area

In WARD 7, we have an aging population that relies on public services, and as your City Councillor, I pledge to :

  • Bring up the case for the Snow Removal & Garbage Collection’ services to be reviewed;

  • Actively participate in the considerations to be taken after the garbage pickup contract will expire in 2024;

  • Stay aware of residents’ problems and resolve them in a timely manner.