College Professor, Vice-president & Public Relations Officer of Community Organizations


Since 2015, I have got the honour and the privilege to teach ten subjects at St Clair College (in the English language) & at Collège Boréal (in the French language).
Here are some of the duties I am assigned to do:

  • Develop syllabi that clearly outline the courses’ requirements, rationale, goals, and objectives; Submit digital copies of syllabi and courses’ handouts;

  • Prepare class sessions and assignments to help students grasp courses’ contents and how they integrate with overall student learning outcomes for the courses;

  • When called upon, function as an official academic advisor, counselling students about courses, academic sequences, program selections and labour market information;

  • Maintain and disseminate current information pertaining to services available to students

    throughout the school;

  • Make suggestions for library purchases;

  • Make sure that student evaluations are administered near the end of each semester.

Besides those duties, there are things my students have taught me that are applicable in representing WARD 7′ residents:

  • Relationships matter;

  • Setting high standards is crucial;

  • The importance of having fun;

  • The purpose of education;

  • Be the change you want to be.

All these lessons are worth to be applied in my upcoming role as City Councillor.



The community organizations’ activities are aimed at bringing the desired improvement in the social well-being of individuals, groups and neighbourhoods.
The Association Socio-Culturelle Burundaise de Windsor and the African Community Organization of Windsor are among such organizations that are established in Windsor.

My role was to:

  • Plan publicity strategies and campaigns;

  • Write and produce presentations and press releases;

  • Deal with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organisations;

  • Organize and attend promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits;

  • Speak publicly at interviews, press conferences and presentations;

  • Analyze media coverage;

  • Liaise with other organizations and media reporters.